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Corporate Events

Why Hire a DJ for your business event?

1) Boost Employee Morale! Show your employees you care about not only their performance on-the-job, but also that you care about how much fun they can have as a part of your organization!

2) Attract Customers! Potential Customers like to be where there's activity. If you're having a special promotion, make an event out of it! Hire a DJ to draw attention to it!

3) Liven up that grand opening! Show your community how excited you are about your store opening! Investing in a DJ shows your community you're here to stay and to continue serving them!

4) Company Parties need a DJ! Building morale isn't just for the holidays.  How about an employee appreciation party? We've got you covered for music!

5) Add another level to your fund raiser! Fund raisers don't have to be silent. Hire a DJ for your fund raiser to add a fun element to it!

6) Marathon headquarters entertainment! Do you have an entertainment area featuring all sorts booths carnival-style for your marathon runners and their families to play games, eat and buy merchandise at? Complete the experience and add a DJ to the mix and they'll be bopping and singing along as they have fun at your event!

- Fund Raisers
- Marathons
- Corporate Parties
- Grand Openings
- In-Store Events
- Carnivals
- Custom Business Events
Can't wait to add Boss Entertainment to the mix at your corporate event?? We're at your service! Click the button below to contact us!
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